The Basics

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Welcome to our first official step in the Personal Pen _testing  section, where we take an aimless wandering approach to the processes and steps a hacker would take. This is an on going section and more will be posted as time goes.

In this section, we approach the Network in question from the outside, silently listening to the radio noise emitted by your chattering router, as well as the all to willing to reply personal computers authorized to access networks services.

As a toolset, we’ll be using Kali Linux, and the programs contained within

Kali Linux:

Kali is a complete re-build of the advanced penetration and security auditing distro Backtrack.  If your new to the OS then check out a quick review on Hak5.  Because this OS is Backtrack reborn, clips and bits of these ten thousand hours will be filled with videos using the former OS as example.  The same rules will apply in most cases.

To download a version of Backtrack to work with as well, visit

Prior to getting our hands dirty, lets discuss the crucial identifying number that is your MAC address. This chuck of numbers is unique to your network card, and some access points filter based on a rule set of allowing only known MAC addresses to join the network.

Too begin the process of understanding this set of numbers, I will recommend you again to HAK5 and Darren Kitchen.

The following video explains the process of discovering allowed MAC addresses and then using Macchanger to mimic a legit user.

Bypassing WPA2 via Reaver, the usage of the -d command while having the down side of increasing the wait time of the attack, it does tend to have better results with higher end routers.  For a quick crash course you can check out the write up on LifeHacker.

This option may not always be the way to go, as wps isn’t always enabled.  This is where a damn good dictionary comes into play.  there is a ton a password dictionary files living on the web, a few are included in the distro itself.   To approach these routers,  the aircrack suite is your best friend. while there are plenty of GUI based programs to do all the following, having a working knowledge of the console side of the tool set is a good thing.

An extremely valuable source of information in the field of all things geek, Hak5 is an amazing webcast that has aided the process in understanding all the things linux.  if you haven’t heard of the show give it try.  Below Darren Kitchen from Hak5 give a touch more information on the how’s and why’s of wifi hacking and client De-authorizing.

Now that we have a slightly better grasp on Kali, and hopefully have a foot in the door with the wireless network of choice, lets take a look at the more involved and more interesting of the options within the new  OS.

If your interested in what comes after you break the outer shell of a wireless network take a look at the next segment.

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