Ten Thousand Hours

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Forty years ago, in a paper in American Scientist, Herbert Simon and William Chase drew one of the most famous conclusions in the study of expertise:

There are no instant experts in chess—certainly no instant masters or grandmasters. There appears not to be on record any case (including Bobby Fischer) where a person reached grandmaster level with less than about a decade’s intense preoccupation with the game. We would estimate, very roughly, that a master has spent perhaps 10,000 to 50,000 hours staring at chess positions…

….Taken from “The New Yorker”

I began my ten thousand hour journey some point after nightfall the summer before my freshmen year of high-school.  wrestling an ancient commodore 64 from the bottom of a city dumpster, it was in a dozen or more pieces and i had never seen anything like it. It took me a day and half to get it running, a which point I popped in a copy  of The Oregon Trail on a 5 1/2 inch floppy and died from a snake bite soon after…

From that point on,  I developed a somewhat obsession with all things PC related.  In an industry that advances every two seconds, it is impossible to know everything. With that in mind I gravitated toward security.  It may have been born from the need to kill time in class with a little GTA, or bypassing the internet restrictions via an install of the world favored AOL, It has since then become a passion I pursue with an unexplainable drive.

My aimless wanderings are included in the pages below, as well as most of the materials i have used to teach myself along the way.  i hope you enjoy, and as stated on every other site of this nature, please do not use what you learn here on any other network except your own, or have written permission to do so…. Yes, if your testing what you learn here on something that doesn’t strictly belong to you, Get it in Writing



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