Meet the Crew

Q: Who Are We?

A: We are the backbone of the Aimless Wanderings world. Our less than furry counterparts depend on us for all sorts of things. They refer to us as “Mascotz”, but they know the truth…. They know.

Q: What are your positions with in the company?

A:  The duties are split between the three of us, we were hand picked.Each of us choose from a room full of other applicants, but with purr-fect references from our former temp agency known lovely around the office as “The Damn Shelter”.

Our Titles are as follows:


Name: Luna (aka  Babybear_)

Title: Public Relations and New Hires

Previous Exp.: I received my first formal training following a career change, Prior to this I had run a feral colony in Buffalo NY, this as you can image came with a hecktic lifestyle and lots of moving. After choosing to settle down i came to work at Aimless Wanderings and over see all new inqueries and all wandering related questions, as well as make sure all new hires are properly trained to how the organization is to be run.

Special Duty: Alarm Kitty.  My morning begins by making sure the human side of the operation gets up and going when it gets bright out side…. Or I get hungry, Whichever comes first.



Name: ISA (aka ISA)

Title: Quality Assurance, Day-to-Day Operations.

Previous Exp.: While I hail from Kentucky, and tend to like to enjoy my day with a slower and quieter approach, I’m more then trained in maintaining a high level when it comes to inner company working conditions.

Special Duty: Begin my mornings following the rising of the “People”, with a daily morning meeting with the mind in charge of  Wandering Aimlessly.  Here, we discuss the so call “catering” presented, as well as other very cruical and confedental aspects of how I think things should run.


Name: Vador (aka Buddy)

Title: Assistant Manager/Following up Leads.

Previous Exp.: I Knew Somebody…. HA!

Special Duty: “Whatcha Doing”



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