Fairpoint, Making getting to know our neighbors all the easier.


If your currently reading this post from an internet connection provided by Fairpoint Communications, Will you please raise your hand.  If Your Wifi Connection is protected by the ten digits of your phone number, then will you please smack yourself with said raised hand. Aimless wanderings is located in one of the atleast 18 states covered in whole or in part by the communication giant. With hundreds of thousands of access points in the wild, I find myself wandering how […]

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Why Google may be buying Twitch


(CNN) — If YouTube is really on the verge of buying video game-streaming website Twitch, there’s at least one reason behind the move that’s as old as business itself: eliminating the competition. Read the full story Here…..

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Apple mends a Heartbleed security bug in its latest WiFi routers


Apple has largely avoided the wrath of the Heartbleed security flaw, but it now appears that the company’s products aren’t completely immune. The crew in Cupertino just updated its most recent AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule WiFi routers to fix a Heartbleed-related vulnerability that surfaces when you’re either using Back to My Mac remote access or sending diagnostics.   Read the full story here….

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HSBC bank launches free wi-fi in hundreds of branches


Some 650 hotspots will help customers download and use the bank’s app, and start making payments by phone. However, security experts have warned users of public wi-fi to be careful. Europe’s senior police officer dealing with cybercrime recently cautioned against sending sensitive data via public wi-fi because of hacking risks. Read the full story Here ….

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HALF of London has outdated Wi-Fi security, says roving World of War, er, BIKER

Wireless security across London remains flaky despite the well-known risks, according to an infosec bod who has been riding his bike all around town identifying insecure wireless networks and highlighting shoddy user behaviours that could be exploited by rogue hackers. Read full story here….

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We at Aimless Wanderings want to help assist the local humane societies find homes for their older cats. An older cat is harder to find a forever home, by taking the fees away from the adoption we hope to make their stay in the shelter as short as possible.

These fees range between $40 and $70 dollars, as we are looking to sponser the older ones of the group. The Humane Society we are currently working to help is the Conway Humane Society you can find the site and there current list of furry residences at