Future of the enterprise: Heavy investment in Internet of Things security


Gartner says over 20 percent of enterprises will have digital security services for business initiatives using Internet of Things devices by 2017. Read the full story HERE A toy manchester terrier, Nissan note 1.6 acenta automatic review, Extras para nissan qashqai

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Cyber-challenge for Kids Slated for DEF CON


Cyber-challenges are increasingly common as industry groups and governments look to attract fresh talent to the field of information security. Good examples are Britain’s Masterclass challenge and DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge. Now, Social-Engineer.Org is kicking off the Social Engineering Capture the Flag for DEF CON Kids – a competition for young tykes interested in becoming white hats. read the full story HERE….

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Iranian spies bait U.S. officials in years-long social engineering scheme


Researchers have uncovered a three-year espionage campaign primarily targeting U.S. military officials, diplomatic and congressional staff, and defense contractors in the country and abroad.

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Clandestine Fox attack op uses social engineering to woo new victims


An advanced persisted threat (APT) group, which previously spread malware by exploiting an Internet Explorer zero-day, has now modified its attack method. Read the full story HERE…

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How safe will Canberra’s free Wi-Fi network be?


Internet security experts have welcomed the launch of Australia’s largest free public Wi-Fi system in Canberra but have voiced concerns regarding data security and the potential for phishing. Read the full story HERE……

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Wi-Fi HYPEGASM: Huawei demos 10Gbps in lab test


Huawei has planted another flag in 802.11ax standardisation, claiming a demonstration of 10.53 Gbps Wi-Fi throughput in the 5 GHz band. The lab trial took place on the company’s Shenzhen research campus. Read the full story HERE…..

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The Moon is Now a Wi-Fi Hotspot


Complimentary Wi-Fi is so commonplace that a business advertising its “hotspot” in the window seems somewhat passé. But a new hotspot location should impress even the most jaded among us: For the first time, scientists have demonstrated it’s possible to beam a wireless Internet signal across the 238,900 miles separating Earth from the moon. Read the full story HERE…..

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City to expand free Wi-Fi by transforming old pay phones into hotspots


New York is on its way to becoming one of the most wired cities in the country. The de Blasio administration is vowing to create a public Wi-Fi network that would provide free Internet access across large parts of the city beginning next year. Read more HERE…….

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Telstra to build national Wi-Fi hotspots


Telstra is set announce a plan to invest tens of millions of dollars in a national Wi-Fi network on Tuesday in Sydney. Fairfax Media understands the Wi-Fi network will be rolled out across the country and be a public system that lets Telstra customers use broadband services in more locations. The announcement will be made in Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art on Tuesday afternoon Read the full story Here ….

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Google Buys an Enterprise Android Company, Divide (Formerly Known as Enterproid)


Google is buying a startup that focuses on Android in the enterprise and was backed by its Google Ventures investing group. Needless to say, it’s an alignment of interests. The company is Divide, formerly known as Enterproid. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the Divide team will join the Android team. Read the full story Here….

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We at Aimless Wanderings want to help assist the local humane societies find homes for their older cats. An older cat is harder to find a forever home, by taking the fees away from the adoption we hope to make their stay in the shelter as short as possible.

These fees range between $40 and $70 dollars, as we are looking to sponser the older ones of the group. The Humane Society we are currently working to help is the Conway Humane Society you can find the site and there current list of furry residences at