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If your currently reading this post from an internet connection provided by Fairpoint Communications, Will you please raise your hand.  If Your Wifi Connection is protected by the ten digits of your phone number, then will you please smack yourself with said raised hand. Aimless wanderings is located in one of the atleast 18 states covered in whole or in part by the communication giant. With hundreds of thousands of access points in the wild, I find myself wandering how many of those sit protected by a series of digits printed and passed out to the public once a year.

One way to tell for sure. With the local county phone book in hand, along with my trusty kick-around netbook, i jump in my car and head to the nearest access point. Parked in the lot of a local storefront, flipping through the pages of the phonebook I locate the proper page and column. On the netbook, I click the access point with in my network manager, enter the 10 digits minus the hyphens, and press enter.  It worked, I checked Email, considered checking in on foursquare for kicks but thought better of it, and left.

How many more are there? Well, after a quick interveiw with an installation tech for the area, I was told that it was just simpler for less tech-savy customers to connect if routers were defaulted to require the phone number attached to the customers address. Best of all, he followed that comment by saying he discouraged customers from logining into the devices control panel for any reason, even to change the password. These routers were preset prior to install, and it was best to just leave them be.

with all this said and known I wonder still, How many Homes, and Buisnesses are going about the days with no clue that the only thing protecting there digital assests is printed in plain text and free to anyone who simply asks.  And Finally Thank you to Fairpoint, for Making the typically harder to reach fruit glall the more easy to grasp.


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We at Aimless Wanderings want to help assist the local humane societies find homes for their older cats. An older cat is harder to find a forever home, by taking the fees away from the adoption we hope to make their stay in the shelter as short as possible.

These fees range between $40 and $70 dollars, as we are looking to sponser the older ones of the group. The Humane Society we are currently working to help is the Conway Humane Society you can find the site and there current list of furry residences at