Kickstarter Hacked


Crowdfunding website Kickstarter said in an email to its members on Saturday afternoon that hackers had broken into its platform and accessed the personal information of its users. Read the full story HERE

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Inside Endgame: A Second Act For The Blackwater Of Hacking


In the classic hacker career narrative, a juvenile genius breaks into the Internet’s most sensitive networks, gets caught and then settles into a lucrative corporate gig selling his skills for defense. Nate Fick is trying to pull off the same story with an entire company Read the full story HERE

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Target’s Hacking Fix Is “Second-Rate,” Says Consumer Reports

Target Corp. Reported A 4 percent increase in second-quarter profits

Target missed the bulls-eye this time, a new analysis says. In response to the massive data breach it suffered during the holiday shopping season, the retailer gave its customers free identity theft protection, but it’s a solution that comes up short Read the full story HERE

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White House Unveils Plan To Cut Hacking Risk, But Will It Work?


Critics say the White House’s voluntary plan for a “cybersecurity framework” released Wednesday is toothless without incentives for firms to comply with the blueprint for dealing with potential attacks. Read the full Story HERE

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FBI, Secret Service investigating Las Vegas Sands hacking


The FBI and Secret Service are investigating the hacking of the Las Vegas Sands casino company’s websites, which remained down more than a day after they were hijacked. Read the full story HERE

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White House Launches Infrastructure Cyber Security Initiative

Securing Government Computers

The White House on Wednesday announced new policies improving public and private security efforts to protect critical U.S. infrastructures against the growing threat of cyber attacks. Read the full story HERE

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Security officials defend snooping on wireless information at airport


Canada’s top security and spy-agency officials have given the first detailed public defence of secret government surveillance programs that collect telecommunications “metadata.” Read the full story HERE

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How to keep your neighbors from hijacking your wifi


Rose’s Internet service intermittently slows to a crawl. She wants to make sure that her neighbors haven’t hacked her Wi-Fi for free connectivity. Read the full Story Here

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Sochi security checks writers’ computers to monitor wifi


Here it is, in plain picture form, just what you’ve heard about the officials being tight in Sochi. Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson shared a picture on Twitter of a management/security person going around the press room at the Olympics to check writers’ laptops to see what wifi network they were connected to:  Read the full story Here

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Wifi Password revealed at Super Bowl

Super bowl security fail

The Wi-Fi credentials, which have likely been changed as news of the security gaffe has spread like wildfire on Twitter and community blogs, … Read the full story Here

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We at Aimless Wanderings want to help assist the local humane societies find homes for their older cats. An older cat is harder to find a forever home, by taking the fees away from the adoption we hope to make their stay in the shelter as short as possible.

These fees range between $40 and $70 dollars, as we are looking to sponser the older ones of the group. The Humane Society we are currently working to help is the Conway Humane Society you can find the site and there current list of furry residences at