Get the Word Out there

Aimless wandering of a driven mind, how did it start?   Where is it going?   Which question seems more important,  the answers equally drawn out and each leading to an array of further questions.   I guess the true title of this site should read “Aimless wanderings of a Security driven mind”.

So, welcome to what I hope to be a place free education, meaningless rants, witty one liners, and most of all a place to bring up-to-date News links on everything wifi and computer security related.  so for sake of time, as well as hosting space, on with the show.

We at Aimless Wanderings want to help assist the local humane societies find homes for their older cats. An older cat is harder to find a forever home, by taking the fees away from the adoption we hope to make their stay in the shelter as short as possible.

These fees range between $40 and $70 dollars, as we are looking to sponser the older ones of the group. The Humane Society we are currently working to help is the Conway Humane Society you can find the site and there current list of furry residences at